10 NOVEMBER 2019

Please Join Us Today in Prayer

We believe in the power of prayer to heal sickness, to provide for families, to surround believers with a hedge of protection, and to change lives for the better. All believers can go boldly unto the throne of grace in times of need, whether those needs be our own or those of others. Please join us in praying for others around the world.

Who We’re Praying For Today

Pastor Talla Nagaraju (Yesuraju), India: Please pray for Pastor Nagaraju, a Baptist missionary in Telangana, Southern India. Pastor Nagaraju was born into a Hindu family and, after coming to Christ in 2001, now has a burden to share the gospel with the tribal Hindu people who live in the forest. Pray that God blesses Pastor Nagaraju’s mission, providing him with all of the resources that he needs — both spiritual and material — to do this important work for the Lord. In particular, Pastor Nagaraju has begun to build a small church in the forest and more building materials are required to complete the church construction. Pray that God sends help and finances for Pastor Nagaraju to finish this project.

Laos: Pray for Anya (anonymized), a church leader of 580 people who is also trained as a healthcare volunteer. Pray for spiritual opportunities to minister to others as he cares for their physical needs.

Pastor Talla Nagaraju
Pastor Talla Nagaraju
Ongoing Church Construction
Ongoing Church Construction


Brother Joshua, is part of Khmu Christian Connection, helping reach Khmu people in Laos, Vietnam, China and Thailand with the gospel message, and then discipling them and training leaders to share the gospel with friends and neighbors — in spite of persecution.


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