16 JANUARY 2020

Please Join Us Today in Prayer

We believe in the power of prayer to heal sickness, to provide for families, to surround believers with a hedge of protection, and to change lives for the better. God’s Word tells us that all believers can go boldly unto the throne of grace in times of need, whether those needs be our own or those of others. Please join us in praying for others around the world.

Who We’re Praying For Today

Eugene: Fon Eugene is an internally displaced child from Muyuka in the southwest region of Cameroon. He was found with his father by Mama Elizabeth who brought them back to her house where she has been caring for them. Eugene’s father suffers from tuberculosis and Eugene himself was diagnosed with a liver problem by one doctor, while another doctor diagnosed sickle cell anaemia. Hope for All Nations, a Cameroon-based NGO, has been working to find Eugene the medical help he needs. Pray that Eugene is correctly diagnosed and that both he and his father are supernaturally healed by the power of God.

North Africa: Pray with Sofia, a believer in an unnamed country, who shared this request: “We need leaders who can guide us, who are able to forgive and especially able to know how to cope with questions like the changes in our country”.

China: Pray for protection of a house church in Guangzhou province which is facing pressure from the local authorities after refusing to fly the national flag in place of the cross and to hang slogans from national religious policy. Pastor Ma firmly rejected their request.

With over 1,000 members, Guangfu Church has been repeatedly requested by the Baiyun District Religious Affairs Bureau to join the state-sanctioned Three-Self church. After their refusal, the government sealed the church claiming that the church “conducted illegal religious activities” and confiscated the church’s property. Read more on International Christian Concern.




Bob Fu is founder and president of the China Aid Association, and he’s one of the most knowledgeable people in the world on the Christian persecution in China. He’ll help explain why the Chinese government is cracking down on churches—even registered, “legal” churches— and how it is demanding Christians’ first loyalty be to the Communist Party and President Xi Jinping.



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