Please Join Us Today in Prayer

We believe in the power of prayer to heal sickness, to provide for families, to surround believers with a hedge of protection, and to change lives for the better. All believers can go boldly unto the throne of grace in times of need, whether those needs be our own or those of others. Please join us in praying for others around the world.

Who We’re Praying For Today

Gareth and Ben from Salisbury, England: We met Gareth and Ben while sharing the gospel at a bus stop in Salisbury city centre on November 5th. Ben, a teenager, interrupted continuously and Gareth, a 40+ year-old-man, encouraged him. When finished speaking, we walked away and prayed for all at the bus stop. A moment later we realised Gareth was following two feet behind us. He thanked us and began to cry. Suddenly Ben appeared and Gareth closed up again. Pray that the Holy Spirit moves mightily in both Gareth and Ben, and breaks down their bravado so that they came each come to Christ.

Pastor Shabanov in Azerbaijan: Please pray for Pastor Hamid Shabanov who leads Aliabad Baptist Church. The church has been fined for not being registered to hold religious meetings even though, for 25 years, the church has applied for legal status. Recently, the church’s appeal of this fine was rejected again.

Azerbaijan: Pray specifically for those who convert to Christianity from Islam who face pressure from family, friends, and community. Pray for non-traditional Christian communities who are required to make regular reports to the government and who are constantly being monitored. Pray God would soften the hearts of local authorities who purposefully obstruct legal proceedings of new converts. Pray that the Azerbaijani Christians will have the courage to evangelize to their communities despite the high levels of oppression.




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