Please Join Us Today in Prayer

We believe in the power of prayer to heal sickness, to provide for families, to surround believers with a hedge of protection, and to change lives for the better. God’s Word tells us that all believers can go boldly unto the throne of grace in times of need, whether those needs be our own or those of others. Please join us in praying for others around the world.

Who We’re Praying For Today

United States: Phil Chavez

Please join us today in praying for Phil’s family members, Lorraine Chavez and Seve Chacon. Pray that both Lorraine and Seve have excellent health from head to toe. And specifically for Lorraine, please pray that she is healed from hearing and memory loss as well as all body pain, bad posture and high blood pressure. Pray also for God’s protection for Lorraine in all areas of her life, including financial and physical possessions.

Members of OnFireForGod.today

Please pray for all of the members of the OnFireForGod.today community who are suffering due to the ongoing effect of the worldwide lockdowns. Some of our members are having great difficulty making their rent payments and being able to put food on their tables. Please pray that businesses reopen and that people are able to return to work and provide for themselves and their families once again.


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