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Before we can believe we must hear the word of God, the seed that is sown into our hearts. If the ground within our heart is honest and good, we will understand and receive the word. And in time we will bear fruit.

Jesus speaking to the Pharisees and scribes: I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance. (Luke 15:7)

The message of salvation and the good news of God’s coming kingdom is not limited to the New Testament, but can be found throughout the Old Testament.

Our prayers are important. They are our spiritual sacrifices, our sacrifice of praise, and the way in which we humbly petition God with our earnest requests. And when we pray, we must do so fervently and in faith.

Since faith cometh by hearing (Romans 10:17), listening to an audio Bible is a great way to grow in the word of God, especially when life is busy and we find hard to take the time to sit down and read the word of God.

Remember that the State, worldwide, is doing all but commandeering every billboard and saying, thereon, we intend to murder at least 14 out of every 15 of you.

The Bible speaks of the hand and the forehead a number of times, the last of which is concerning the mark of the beast. What is their significance and how does that relate to the mark?

The Bible is not simply a book of stories written by various men throughout history but is the inspired word of God and a true record of history, including that which is yet to come to pass.

A fictional account of a man at the crossroads talking to Satan, that old serpent the Devil, and to the Lord God.

The idea that we're all able to attain "Christ consciousness" is born out of a New Age or Gnostic (both Luciferian) rebellion. That is, a refusal to believe and heed God’s word.

Whether as a result of one of the "vaccines" or induced famine, huge numbers of people are very likely to die over the next few years. All "COVID" related. All meticulously planned.

A Lunch interview from last November, just published by them today, in which Sean talks with Nonye Hephzibah about being on fire for God and reaching lost souls with the gospel.


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