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We’ve been about our Father’s business, preaching in England, Wales and Scotland this year. We need your support to reach more of the lost!

The King James translation uses many words commonplace in the early 17th century, but which are now rarely used. The word "firkin" in the Book of John is one of those words.

Sean and Katharine discuss how to live your life anew in Christ Jesus, whether you’ve just come to saving grace through faith in Jesus or have been a church-going Christian for decades. For in a key, foundational sense, the process might well be much the same either way.

Scriptural proof that Israel is another name for Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, plus other prophetic teachings from God's holy Word, the Bible.

The below verses are to be shared with all those "Christians" who think that a born-again believer is extreme, and off the rails in their zeal. There are, in fact, ONLY born-again believers! All others are on their way to the lake that burns with fire and brimstone.

Folks, if we only read translations of willfully corrupted Masoretic text Bibles, then we'll never know when (not if) we're being lied to. Thus do we, wholeheartedly, recommend reading English translations — Thomson or Brenton — of the Greek Old Testament as your primary OT Bible.

Did Israel break God's covenant? And who is the Father in the Song of Moses? — Notable considerations concerning Deuteronomy Chapters 31 and 32.

If you're Covid-1984 "vaxxed" then you'd best come to Christ, in faith and in truth, quickly while you still can, because anyone who's been injected with these genocide shots can drop dead at any moment, as is being proven, daily, the world over.

Is salvation eternally secure or not? The key to answering this question comes when we don't engage in an either-or debate but, rather, engage the scriptures as Bereans.

Folks, I thought I'd share this passage from Hebrews Chapter 3 with you all, to have on hand when trying to bring the gospel truth to those with potentially hardened hearts.

This 23-year-old Time Magazine cover image shows that the serpent (Satan) would be a constituent part of the DNA "double helix", that folk were being clearly shown that the future — now present! — of "medicine" would include the devil himself intertwined with our God-created design.

Basic suggestions for new believers on how to begin reading the Bible, the eternal Word of God.


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