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Salvation is the most precious gift we can ever receive, and once saved we can grow in knowledge, wisdom and understanding by daily reading and studying God’s word. Jesus tells us how important this is when, after forty days and nights of fasting in the wilderness, he replies to the devil who was tempting him: “It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4)

Here are some resources we’ve found helpful in our Bible reading and studying.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Study Apps (All Devices)

e-Sword Bible study app with many study resources, including audio Bible. Available for Windows, MacOS, Android, iPad and iPhone.

SwordSearcher Windows-only Bible study app with many study resources.

Tecarta Bible study app for iOS and Android. Includes audio Bible from Faith Comes by Hearing, super-fast search feature and ability to sync notes. etc. between devices and the Tecarta Bible website. Bible study app for iOS and Android in 1,300+ languages. Includes audio Bible from Faith Comes by Hearing and the “Jesus” Film.

Blue Letter Bible Bible study app for iOS and Android.

Audio Bible Free, downloadable audio recordings by Faith Comes by Hearing, with both dramatized and non-dramatized versions available. Audio files can be linked to SwordSearcher, above.

Bible Study Online

Tecarta Bible Online  Super-fast search feature and ability to sync notes. etc. between the website and your devices.

King James Bible Online KJV Bible website.

King James Bible Dictionary Includes Webster’s 1828, Easton’s, Hitchcock’s, Smith’s, Nave’s, Strong’s, Thayer’s Greek Lexicon and Brown Driver Biggs Hebrew Lexicon.

The Kings Bible KJV Bible chockablock with Bible study resources, especially under the Library tab.

Blue Letter Bible Online A collection of powerful tools for in-depth Bible study.

Greek Old Testament (Septuagint) Brenton’s English translation (alongside the Greek) of the third-to-second-century B.C. Greek Old Testament text (see: Why the Greek Septuagint is Superior to the Masoretic Text).

Bible Hub Similar to Blue Letter Bible with textual resources.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Powerful Bible cross-references.

Textus Receptus Bible Explore and compare various TR Bible translations, etc.

Bible Hub Timeline A timeline of both Old Testament and New Testament events.

Bible Atlas Online List of maps from the Bible Atlas by Zaine Ridling.

Bible Atlas List of maps from BibleHub.

Bible History Online Maps, articles, images, and resources. Gospels with Video The LUMO Project gospel films are available in chapter segments on the website. This link will take you to Matthew 1.

Language & Pronunciation

Webster’s Dictionary 1828 Helpful for exploring early-American language roots.

Etymology Online Helpful resource for exploring the roots of words.

Biblical Words Pronunciation Guide Listen to correct pronunciation of Biblical words.

KJV Today Articles on the accuracy, reliability and relevance of the KJV, including various articles on the language of the KJV.


Why the Greek Septuagint is Superior to the Masoretic Text

Why the Greek Septuagint Is Superior to the Masoretic Text

The Greek Septuagint, circa 250 years B.C., contains key differences to the Masoretic text, circa 1,000 A.D.

King James Bible 1611

Why the King James Bible?

The reasons why we use the King James Bible when reading the New Testament.