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Let's make true revival happen each and every day, each and every hour and minute of the day, by reaching out to someone who, right now, is without hope.

Not only do we not celebrate Christmas, we rebuke it, as it is, in truth, a thoroughly antichrist day of wickedness, with thoroughly pagan, blasphemous origins.

I've just submitted the following to Facebook after yet another of my private Messenger posts was blocked due to the inclusion of a website link.

The following is not nearly as hard-hitting as I'd write it, but it adequately shows the worldwide social engineering program — across a great many centuries — that is Christmas.

2 Thessalonians 2 makes it clear that there are those who have the love of the truth — and those who do not.

In the Bible, the distinction between the flesh and the spirit is both apparent and important. We can see these two opposites in everything from birth to death, as well as in the life we live in between.

PUPPET Trump and the Israelis are, indeed, helping to fulfill Bible prophecy — in helping to lay the final groundwork for the rise of the Antichrist to worldwide power.

"Why are you using Catholic 'bibles' in a purportedly Protestant church?" I asked. "Well, we're all merging anyway"!

If you spend any time around members of so-called Reformed (Protestant) churches, one thing will quickly rise to the surface, that is, Reformed church members' perpetual elevation of man and his "wisdom".

Katharine and I returned a short while ago from an 11th century English village church this afternoon, and I was moved to read aloud the whole of Matthew Chapter 24.

Organized by International Christian Concern, International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted 2019 is the 3rd or the 10th of November. Countries to pray for: China, India, Iraq, Kenya, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan and Turkey.

As God’s word tells us, Jesus is foolishness and a stumblingblock to those who seek after signs and worldly wisdom.


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