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Lockdowns Do Work!

Lockdowns work perfectly well — to enslave those who are bound by fear of what man can do and, thus, serve the devil. Let us, instead, fear the Lord God Almighty, and live according to His ways, in Jesus' almighty name.

Easter Glorifies the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar, Passover is the True Holy Day

We don't celebrate "Easter" which is, truly, Ishtar, a Babylonian "goddess". Passover is the true holy day. Jesus Christ was our true Passover Lamb, who came to pay for the sins of the whole world.

The Synagogue of Satan is the Enemy of Mankind

The synagogue of Satan is the foundational enemy of mankind. They control everything, worldwide, and are waging a full-frontal war against all of humanity, and have been for centuries now.

We — Each of Us — Choose Eternal Life or Perdition

We are, individually, responsible for our eternal destination. So was Judas. So was Lucifer, the devil himself. So are all the fallen angels. God gave us all free will.

The Many Sevens in the Book of Revelation

The number seven appears 54 times in the Book of Revelation, in 31 different verses. Here are the first mentions of the various sevens as they appear chronologically.

Does Jesus Want Us to Celebrate “Christmas”​?

Does Jesus want us to celebrate “Christmas”​? And what about the pagan tradition of celebrating one's own "birthday" each year?

The Genealogy of Jesus: Why Are They Different in Matthew and Luke?

A video that gives another possible explanation — based on the writings of third-century historian Eusebius — of the differences between the genealogies of Jesus in Matthew 1 and Luke 3.

The Nephilim (Giants) Are NOT the Offspring of Fallen Angels!

In these last days many have itching ears to hear and believe some new false doctrine. A perennial favorite is the ungodly lie that the nephilim of Genesis 6 are the offspring of fallen angels and the daughters of men.

JESUS: The Name Above Every Name

It’s popular today to dispute the name of Jesus as being the correct name to use for our Lord and Saviour. The argument against the name of Jesus is mainly twofold: “J” is a modern English letter and Jesus would have had a Hebrew name.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ, In Brief

Folks, the gospel of Jesus Christ is simple. Don't let the "churches" of man convince you otherwise; they are led by wolves. So simple, in fact, that you now have NO EXCUSE not to share it with EVERYONE!

My word!

Just how important is God's Word to Him? Let us take a close look, and live thereby.

What? know ye not that Jesus is prophesied throughout the Old Testament?

If you ever find your faith wavering — or if you are sharing the gospel with a naysayer who doesn't believe the Bible is God's Word — then please remember the following:


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