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The Comforter Is the Holy Spirit NOT the Wicked False Prophet Muhammad

God’s holy Word makes it irrefutably clear that the Comforter is the Holy Spirit NOT the wicked false prophet Muhammad, eternal condemnation be upon him.

Seek His Face in Prayer and Abide in His Holy Word

If you've not been seeking God's face in continual prayer throughout your every day, please recommit to doing so today. He stands ever ready to hear from you, and to extend His infinite love, grace and mercy.

YouTube Censors Our Latest Preaching Video from Derby

Within minutes of posting our latest preaching video to YouTube it was not only removed but our channel likewise received its first "strike". For what?

Yes, there are two paths you can go by — So, choose wisely!

Even Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin knew, "Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run / There's still time to change the road you're on". But only one will lead you to heaven.

Does Romans 13 Tell Us We Must Obey the Tyrannical State?

Many "good Christians" quote Romans 13 as proof that we must always obey the government but as is clear in scripture, it's always more important to obey God than man.

This Was NEVER About a VIRUS!

Make sure you stand strong in your faith in Jesus Christ, full of God's Word and His Spirit, so that when that day comes you are prepared to forsake all for His sake, and to glorify Him, rather than to save your life in this wicked world.

Defund & Defrock the Beast System

We must simply REFUSE to CONSENT or to COMPLY with the diktats of the State. We are the people. If they are not serving us, we need to starve them out of existence. Before they, literally, starve us to death through their planned famines.

Lethal Injection Madness: Two Key Videos

The following two videos which highlight the lethal injection madness that we're all being bludgeoned with, worldwide, are a must see: 1) the interview between Reinette Senum and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and 2) the interview with Ilana Rachel Daniel in Jerusalem.

Let Us Not Be a Stiffnecked People!

Professing Christians, worldwide, are in eternally grave danger of going astray, each to his own way, to say nothing of the false princes, priests and prophets who are busy being about their father the devil's business.

Prayer Request & Perverted “Weather”

Folks, I've just shared the following with a pastor friend in Uganda who earns his living as a farmer. When I asked him how his crops are this season, he said because of the heat and lack of rain they are drying out ...

“Covid”-Wise Tanzania President DEAD

This is a worldwide takeover under the wicked guise of an irrefutably fake "pandemic". They pulled the trigger last year, and they're betting EVERYTHING on this worldwide fascist-communist coup to usher in the long-prophesied New World Order.

As in the Days of Noah

Folks, here's a potentially challenging, difficult message for us all to hear, to consider, to lament concerning, and to pray about to our loving Father in Jesus' holy name.


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