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Our Bibles keep us ignorant of who Job is — and much more besides!

Folks, if we only read translations of willfully corrupted Masoretic text Bibles, then we’ll never know when (not if) we’re being lied to. Thus do we, wholeheartedly, recommend reading English translations — Thomson or Brenton — of the Greek Old Testament as your primary OT Bible. (Better yet, begin digging into the underlying Greek yourself! We’d recommend using e-Sword to help you do so.)

The final chapter of the Book of Job, Chapter 42, provides an excellent example as to why!

Please compare the following …

Charles Thomson (Greek OT):

King James Bible (Masoretic):

The former demonstrates, clearly, who Job(ab) is — the grandson of Esau, and a king of Edom! It also makes explicit that Job will be raised again as a believer. MEANING that salvation was never for the so-called “Jews” only, as the Jesus Christ-hating synagogue of Satan wants the whole world to “think”!

The latter, and ALL Masoretic text-based Bibles, keep all of Churchianity wholly ignorant of who Job, truly, is. Again, just as the synagogue of Satan intends for you to be so kept.

It is made increasingly clear with each passing day that Churchianity has been deeply controlled by these devils for hundreds of years, including both the Catholic and the Reformed traditions.

Are YOU going to continue to swallow lies of Satan for convenience sake, just like the world from which we are called to separate ourselves?

Or, are you going to take a committed and sustained action to seek, truly, the truth?

That is the question.