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Katharine Madden

Katharine Madden

Katharine came to Christ after hearing the gospel and seeing the truth of the Bible, how clearly it prophesies the emerging Antichrist one world order, as well as the degradation and wickedness in our world today. She is dedicated to sharing this truth along with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bible Study of the Hand and Forehead

The Biblical Significance of the Hand and the Forehead and How It Relates to the Mark of the Beast

The Bible speaks of the hand and the forehead a number of times, the last of which is concerning the mark of the beast. What is their significance and how does that relate to the mark?
Truth of the Bible

Fulfilment of Prophecy Proves the Bible Is a Reliable Witness of Itself

The Bible is not simply a book of stories written by various men throughout history but is the inspired word of God and a true record of history, including that which is yet to come to pass.
Parable of the Crossroads

The Parable of the Crossroads and the Many Paths

A fictional account of a man at the crossroads talking to Satan, that old serpent the Devil, and to the Lord God.
Refuting Christ Consciousness

Refuting New Age or Gnostic “Christ Consciousness”

The idea that we're all able to attain "Christ consciousness" is born out of a New Age or Gnostic (both Luciferian) rebellion. That is, a refusal to believe and heed God’s word.
Too Many Humans Columbia Road London

Is COVID-1984 the Answer to the “Problem” of Too Many Humans?

Whether as a result of one of the "vaccines" or induced famine, huge numbers of people are very likely to die over the next few years. All "COVID" related. All meticulously planned.
COVID-1984 Conspiracy Worship

The COVID-1984 Conspiracy is a One World Order Out of Chaos Coup

COVID-19, specifically SARS-CoV-2 as a communicable virus, does not exist. COVID-1984, on the other hand, is not only alive and well but also thriving as one of the greatest conspiracies on earth.


The Many Sevens in the Book of Revelation

The number seven appears 54 times in the Book of Revelation, in 31 different verses. Here are the first mentions of the various sevens as they appear chronologically.

The Genealogy of Jesus: Why Are They Different in Matthew and Luke?

A video that gives another possible explanation — based on the writings of third-century historian Eusebius — of the differences between the genealogies of Jesus in Matthew 1 and Luke 3.

JESUS: The Name Above Every Name

It’s popular today to dispute the name of Jesus as being the correct name to use for our Lord and Saviour. The argument against the name of Jesus is mainly twofold: “J” is a modern English letter and Jesus would have had a Hebrew name.

Does Romans 13 Tell Us We Must Obey the Tyrannical State?

Many "good Christians" quote Romans 13 as proof that we must always obey the government but as is clear in scripture, it's always more important to obey God than man.


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