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Katharine Madden

Katharine Madden

Katharine came to Christ after hearing the gospel and seeing the truth of the Bible, how clearly it prophesies the emerging Antichrist one world order, as well as the degradation and wickedness in our world today. She is dedicated to sharing this truth along with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Truth of the Bible

Fulfilment of Prophecy Proves the Bible Is a Reliable Witness of Itself

The Bible is not simply a book of stories written by various men throughout history but is the inspired word of God and a true record of history, including that which is yet to come to pass.
Parable of the Crossroads

The Parable of the Crossroads and the Many Paths

A fictional account of a man at the crossroads talking to Satan, that old serpent the Devil, and to the Lord God.
Refuting Christ Consciousness

Refuting New Age or Gnostic “Christ Consciousness”

The idea that we're all able to attain "Christ consciousness" is born out of a New Age or Gnostic (both Luciferian) rebellion. That is, a refusal to believe and heed God’s word.
Too Many Humans Columbia Road London

Is COVID-1984 the Answer to the “Problem” of Too Many Humans?

Whether as a result of one of the "vaccines" or induced famine, huge numbers of people are very likely to die over the next few years. All "COVID" related. All meticulously planned.
COVID-1984 Conspiracy Worship

The COVID-1984 Conspiracy is a One World Order Out of Chaos Coup

COVID-19, specifically SARS-CoV-2 as a communicable virus, does not exist. COVID-1984, on the other hand, is not only alive and well but also thriving as one of the greatest conspiracies on earth.
The Truth Shall Make Ye Free

The Truth Shall Make You Free

What is truth? Pilate asked Jesus this question in the judgment hall (John 18:38) before returning outside to tell the Jews that he found no fault in him.
Sheep Amongst the Wolves

End Times Tyranny: Why We Need to Be Sober, Vigilant & Wise As Serpents

We're living in the end times and those of us who can see what’s taking place have a duty to sound the alarm, to wake from their slumber those who cannot see that the enemy has launched an all-out attack against humanity.
The Lord Is My Shepherd

The LORD Is My Shepherd

Jesus Christ is our Lord and shepherd. He is the great shepherd of the sheep, the good shepherd, the shepherd and bishop of our souls.
Boiling Frogs

Boiling the Frogs

In the midst of this so-called "pandemic", there's now talk of Melbourne going into a stage 5 lockdown. The frogs are being boiled, but are you saved?