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Sean M. Madden

Sean M. Madden

Former foolish atheist with two master's degrees in philosophy (man's ungodly ideas concerning wisdom) and classics, both Western and Eastern. Now a fully fledged fool for Christ (1 Corinthians 4:10). Praising the LORD, daily, since 2015.

Lunch with Nonye

Nonye from Lunch Interviews Sean

A Lunch interview from last November, just published by them today, in which Sean talks with Nonye Hephzibah about being on fire for God and reaching lost souls with the gospel.
Stand Under God's Authority — Do Not Consent!

Stand Under God’s Authority — Do Not Consent!

Below is our just-submitted "appeal" in response to YouTube's taking down our preaching video of yesterday in Swansea, Wales.
Peter and John Preaching

We Must ALWAYS Hearken Unto God

In response to what transpired in Cardiff, Wales yesterday evening, let us remember — always — Peter and John's response to being commanded "not to speak at all nor teach in the name of Jesus" (Acts 4:18).
Nanotechnology in Vaccines

COVID-1984, Medical Corruption and the Vaccine Agenda

I implore you to gather around your computer, phone or tablet ALL of your friends and loved ones — and your fellow church members — to watch, together, the following two videos from three highly respected doctors, the first of which is a friend of mine.
Devil Whispering in the Ear

Prepare — Now — for Perilous Days That Are Even at the Door!

We must each — individually — prepare ourselves spiritually for what is very soon to come upon the true body of Christ, as well as the world at large. Great and unprecedented death and destruction the likes of which no man has seen.
Digital Currency & The Great Reset

Digital Currencies Are Leading Us into the Beast System

Digital currencies are designed to be a crucial first step towards being able to preclude any and all folk — specifically, true Bible-believing followers of Jesus Christ — from either buying or selling who refuse to take the mark of the beast.


Does Jesus Want Us to Celebrate “Christmas”​?

Does Jesus want us to celebrate “Christmas”​? And what about the pagan tradition of celebrating one's own "birthday" each year?

The Nephilim (Giants) Are NOT the Offspring of Fallen Angels!

In these last days many have itching ears to hear and believe some new false doctrine. A perennial favorite is the ungodly lie that the nephilim of Genesis 6 are the offspring of fallen angels and the daughters of men.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ, In Brief

Folks, the gospel of Jesus Christ is simple. Don't let the "churches" of man convince you otherwise; they are led by wolves. So simple, in fact, that you now have NO EXCUSE not to share it with EVERYONE!

My word!

Just how important is God's Word to Him? Let us take a close look, and live thereby.

What? know ye not that Jesus is prophesied throughout the Old Testament?

If you ever find your faith wavering — or if you are sharing the gospel with a naysayer who doesn't believe the Bible is God's Word — then please remember the following:

The Comforter Is the Holy Spirit NOT the Wicked False Prophet Muhammad

God’s holy Word makes it irrefutably clear that the Comforter is the Holy Spirit NOT the wicked false prophet Muhammad, eternal condemnation be upon him.


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