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Prayer Request & Perverted “Weather”

Folks, I’ve just shared the following with a pastor friend in Uganda who earns his living as a farmer. When I asked him how his crops are this season, he said because of the heat and lack of rain they are drying out. Please pray, in Jesus’ name, that our loving Father provides him and his fellow farmers in Uganda with the perfect amount of rain and sunshine to produce a plenteous, bountiful harvest to come:

I’ve talked with you before about such things. But if you’re able please watch the following when you’ve the time. The documentary was just released on March 10 and already has 124,000+ views, with 99 percent thumbs-up. The “weather” has been completely perverted:

God bless you, Brother. We will pray for you. We’re living, clear as day, in the last days. We must seek everything from our eternal Father in heaven, in Jesus’ name, as this world is wicked beyond words.

All of our hope must be in Him, and in Him alone.