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YouTube Censors Our Latest Preaching Video from Derby

Well, folks, that didn’t take long! Literally within minutes of posting our latest preaching video — with YouTube still reporting no views — the video was not only removed but our channel likewise received its first “strike”. For what? Simply for speaking the truth — from God’s holy Word and concerning the genocidal tyranny that is afoot. Let us praise our loving Father in the name of Jesus Christ!

As the message of the everlasting gospel (Revelation 14:6) is not going to change, nor is my commitment to speaking the unfettered truth about this wicked world and this wholly contrived “virus” “pandemic”, nor to calling out the biological weapons which have been unlawfully re-branded as (still experimental) “vaccines”, we can assume that uploading more videos to YouTube is not going to serve anyone.

So, we created an channel on two new video platforms: 1) Brand New Tube and 2) Odysee. You can click these links to go directly to our #OFFG channel on either platform. Please consider subscribing to help us grow a following on these platforms.

You can also quickly and easily connect up with all of our platforms via the new #OFFG Linktree account. Do check it out!

Immediately below is the offending video, via Brand New Tube:

Below was our initial announcement about the video itself:

JUST out, folks — our preaching session in Derby this past Saturday.

Immediately after the preaching session, we sat on a small wall in this same location talking, for ages, with a young Muslim woman, wearing a black hijab, who’d been listening to, and offended by, the message contained within this video. We talked about Jesus versus Mohammad, the Bible versus the Quran, false “Christian” churches versus the false religion of Islam, etc. Please pray that our loving Father shows this young woman that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation, that we are otherwise condemned in our sins.

We, thereafter, ministered to a young homeless man who stopped to ask if we needed help, directions-wise, and with whom I shared one of our gospel cards. I asked if I could lay hands on him and pray for him, to receive God’s guidance, protection and provision, and for deliverance. He was very receptive. Please pray for him as well. His name is Lee.

As we continued walking back towards our car, another young man rode up from behind us on his skateboard. I likewise handed him one of our cards, talked about where I am from, in response to his question, and told him that we travel nomadically around the UK preaching the gospel wherever we go. He immediately understood, and seemed genuinely happy to hear that we’re out spreading the Word. Please pray for Him as well, that he takes the time to read the gospel verses on the back of our gospel card, and that He comes to Christ in faith and in truth.

Finally, please consider sharing this video far and wide to help further shed abroad the gloriously good news of Jesus Christ, the world’s one and only Savior (John 14:6).

Thank you, folks!