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A Rebuff to Facebook & Other Social Media Platforms

I’ve just submitted the following to Facebook after yet another of my private Messenger posts was blocked due to the inclusion of a website link. I share this, now, with my 5,000 FB friends and the whole of the community as a means to: 1) help raise awareness, and 2) to encourage fellow true Bible-believing followers of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior:

We’re growing increasingly fed up with Facebook’s automated censorship of entirely legitimate posts. I received this latest automated censorship simply by sending a link from the recipient’s (not our) website back to him, as a means to bring a minor error to his attention. An action that he will, in fact, appreciate.

We, and a great and growing number of folk around the world, know that Facebook is using these false algorithmic triggers as a means to silence dissenters who share the truth concerning the onslaught of lies that the wicked powers that be want everyone to swallow as a means to usher in their Antichrist system (which, by the way, will fail, as God’s Word clearly teaches all who read it).

Facebook Censorship

As with all communist endeavors, this one world order will fail just as every single other attempt has done throughout history. And even the will to destroy will itself fail, as God will raise up those who hear His true voice, and destroy the destroyers.

We know that Marxist political correctness is being used to force us, like Pavlovian dogs, into self-censorship. This carrot and stick mind manipulation will likewise fail. We true Bible-believing followers of Jesus Christ — who know the whole truth — will never submit to the dark spiritual forces of Satan, of which Facebook is and always was from its inception, irrespective of whether it couches itself as a defender of good versus evil, just like the rest of the so-called social media platforms that are likewise part and parcel with the emerging satanic one world order.