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Seven Collages: Book of Revelation Verse Image Series

Here are seven collages of all the verse images in the Book of Revelation Verse Image Series.

After trying various numbers of images in each collage, I finally decided to make each with four images and it was only once they were all done that I realised I had seven collages in total — a fitting number for this series as the Book of Revelation includes many sevens:

  • seven Spirits before the throne
  • seven letters to seven churches
  • seven golden candlesticks which are the seven churches
  • seven stars which are the seven angels of the seven churches
  • seven lamps of fire before the throne which are the seven Spirits of God
  • seven seals
  • the Lamb’s seven horns and seven eyes which are the seven spirits of God
  • seven angels with seven trumpets
  • seven thunders
  • seven thousand slain in the earthquake
  • the red dragon’s seven heads and seven crowns
  • the beast from the sea with seven heads
  • seven kings
  • seven angels with seven plagues
  • seven vials filled with the wrath of God
  • the scarlet beast with seven heads
  • seven mountains which are the seven heads of the scarlet beast

To read any or all posts in this series, click on the relevant link in the captions. Each post includes the full-size verse image which you can share or download, some thoughts on the verse, the verse in context and the audio for the chapter.

Alternatively, if you simply want to share or download any or all of the individual verse images, you can do so from the Verse Images by Book page.

Revelation Collage 1
Revelation 1:3 | Revelation 1:7 | Revelation 1:8 | Revelation 1:18
Revelation Collage 2
Revelation 2:7 | Revelation 2:11 | Revelation 2:17 | Revelation 2:26-29
Revelation Collage 3
Revelation 3:5-6 | Revelation 3:12-13 | Revelation 3:20 | Revelation 3:21-22
Revelation Collage 4
Revelation 5:5 | Revelation 6:2 | Revelation 6:4 | Revelation 6:5
Revelation Collage 5
Revelation 6:8 | Revelation 6:9 | Revelation 6:12 | Revelation 6:14
Revelation Collage 6
Revelation 7:9 | Revelation 8:1-2 | Revelation 11:15 | Revelation 13:8
Revelation Collage 7
Revelation 13:16-17 | Revelation 14:6-7 | Revelation 19:11 | Revelation 20:10