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God Forbid, Don’t Let This Happen to You!

Christians love, they crave REVIVAL!

But true revival happens every time someone cares enough to help lead someone — perhaps a most precious loved one or a total stranger — from the land of the spiritually dead into the land of the living, through God’s free gift of everlasting life.

Let’s make true REVIVAL happen each and every day, each and every hour and minute of the day, through reaching out to someone who, right now, is standing in a cold, dark and dank place, seemingly with no hope.

Let us who are, truly, committed to being on fire for God — today, tomorrow and every day for the remainder of our time in this world — reach out to someone near at hand or far away, TODAY (and each and every TODAY thereafter), with the true and everlasting glad tidings of true peace, true joy and true forgiveness that this world loves to TALK about but does precious little to bring to fruition beyond empty platitudes, promises and propaganda aimed at some wayward political end.

The Bible tells us that the Antichrist will rise to power promising peace and safety, but that true Bible-believing Christians will know that that false peace and safety will be followed shortly thereafter by sudden destruction — wholly righteous destruction — when God returns to pour out his wrath upon this wicked world (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

We who have the Spirit of Truth, the Comforter, within have absolutely nothing to fear. So WHO, TODAY, are you going to reach with the good news — the truly amazing news — that this world, and its worldly (that is, false) churches, has distorted such that folk truly don’t know what’s on offer?


Despite being confirmed in the Anglican church as a boy, I NEVER knew what was truly on offer — or how to accept it — until I was nearly 50 years old. My church(es) never told me about it when I was young. My family never talked with me about it. My countless years of “education” never brought it to my attention. And I’ve had about the best “education” one could ever dream of. Society at large never told me either what was on offer or how to get it. Nor did the news media, Hollywood, my favorite authors, bands or standalone singer-songwriters.

BUT, it was there all the while, ALWAYS on FREE offer.

How many “Christians” were in my midst growing up south of Boston (Catholic country, whether Irish or Italian) or in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (smack in the middle of the Bible Belt) throughout my teens and twenties?

I, literally, lived right next door to an Assembly of God church, our house being the former parsonage. NO ONE ever, or anywhere, reached out to me with the gospel. No one. And so I was amongst the walking dead for 3.5 decades — all the while wanting to know the truth of this crazy world.

I could as easily have been killed in countless different ways during this time as lived. Car accidents, smashed nose, jaw, leg bones. I’d been threatened with murder in a bar in Barcelona as a young man. etc. etc.

All the while, for 3.5 decades, had I died or been killed, I would have been rightfully condemned in my sins to ETERNAL TORMENT in hell.

Did no one care?

Not a single person?

WHO might ask, from the pit of hell, the same — of us?

Did we not care? And especially those of us who are in possession of the gospel truth!

In the end, could we just not be bothered?

🔥🔥 PLEASE don’t let those questions be asked of you! 🔥🔥

Thank you, folks. Please make a commitment, TODAY, to reaching out to EVERYONE you know or have the opportunity to approach with the good news of Jesus Christ, our one and only Lord and Savior.

In Jesus Christ’s mighty name, I pray.