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The Wickedness of the Church of England

Katharine and I returned a short while ago from wandering within the dark and dank confines of an 11th century English village church this afternoon, and I was moved — knowing, firsthand, the wickedness of the Church of England and its abominable intertwinings, through and through, with the satanism of Freemasonry, etc. — to read aloud the whole of Matthew Chapter 24, after first casting out any and all evil spirits in the midst of the church in Jesus Christ’s mighty name.

I then read all of Chapter 24, preaching to the empty pews as if the congregation were all present, pacing from the altar to the pulpit and down through the aisles and pews, washing the whole of the stony space with the precious and prophetic words of Jesus Christ himself, and then continuing to preach on about the wicked deceptions of everyone from the Archbishop of Canterbury right down through the ranks of the local clergy, all of whom partake of, and in turn propagate, the countless lies of the Anglican Church, including the great and overwhelming lies of omission, keeping, always, the truth from its flock, never, ever teaching them the truth of the everlasting glad tidings. Never preparing them for the return of Jesus Christ which is spoken of so clearly, in our Lord’s own words, throughout Chapter 24, never preparing the dwindled-down flock of aged churchgoers nor the community at large for the coming and wholly righteous destruction of this wicked world, but, instead, denying the irrefutable prophecies of Christ’s coming millennial reign (Revelation 20:6), etc.

11th Century Anglican Church

I then preached on about the wicked false “bibles” that are in each and every pew, with whole verses plucked out and others butchered so as to remove key, clear teachings of Jesus Christ so that the dumbed-down flock are, willingly it must be added (2 Thessalonians 2:10), deprived of the whole unfettered truth of His words, just as they, the Church’s false prophets deny Him in both word and deed, continually gnawing away like a putrid pool of piranhas at the deity of our Lord and Savior. They cannot stand to hear nor to bear the full truth of the Truth himself. But they must squirrel it away, pretend it doesn’t exist, aided and abetted by the theologian translator-editors who, like themselves, love the praise of men but loathe to praise our Maker.

It was time well spent. And it was good to raise up my voice and to speak and to exhort and to rebuke the wickedness of this wicked apostate Church that was, in fact, always so, birthed as it was from the mother whore alongside its sibling so-called reformed harlot daughters.